The Legal view is the view of the European Interoperability Reference Architecture for the Legal interoperability layer of the European Interoperability Framework. It models the most salient public policy development enablers and implementation instruments that shall be considered in order to support legal interoperability.

The EIRA V3.0 Legal View


A [Public Policy] is the outcome of a specific [Public Policy Cycle] that aims at addressing the needs of a group of stakeholders. The policy is formulated and implemented with the help of [Public Policy Formulation and Implementation Instruments] such as [Legal Requirements or Constraints] in the form of either [Binding Instruments] or [Non-Binding Instruments], or [Operational Enablers], such as [Financial Resources] or [Implementing Guidelines]. The [Operational Enablers] are influenced by [Public Policy Implementation Mandates] and/or [Public Policy Implementation Approaches]. The [Public Policy Formulation and Implementation Instruments] are included in a [Legislation Catalogue].

These different Architecture Building Blocks define the [Legal content] and each of these Architecture Building Blocks can have any [Interoperability Specification] associated, of which the [Legal Interoperability Specification] is a specialisation.

Focal Architecture Building Blocks

  • Public Policy specializing Course of Action, it is a designated name for grouping legal acts with a common scope to be implemented by a public authority. It is based on certain values and objectives and is implemented using a variety of resources. It applies on the territory within which the public authority has delegated powers by the legislative authority. The policies; overview of EU activities in all areas, from agriculture to transport can be found on the EU Strategy page (Based on EuroVoc).
  • Legal Interoperability Specification specializing Interoperability Specification (specializing Business Object )

Other Architecture Building Blocks

The latest release of the EIRA© is available on Joinup.

Source: European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA version 3) (url) (with information on the 3rd release at the website of the ISA² - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens).