The Technology Reference Model (TRM) is one of the Reference Models of the IndEA Framework (#IndEA) (#IndEATRM) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (#FEAF) (where it is called the Infrastructure Reference model, hence #FEAFIRM ).

TRM depicts the layout of the technology foundation of ICT-based systems to be designed for delivery of identified business services. TRM lists all the components of the technology system on an end-to-end basis, including IT Infrastructure, Applications, Access Devices, Communication Systems and Service Delivery modes. TRM also defines the currently applicable open standards for all the solution building blocks and components and identifies the Open Source Products for each technology component.

TRM also deals with the various considerations for designing the solution architecture besides the options for application deployment and service delivery. Important among these are in-sourcing or outsourcing strategy, cloud strategy, and the mobile strategy.


Source: The IndEA document at the India Enterprise Architecture (IndEA) website.