These are the strategy elements of the ArchiMate Framework:

A first figure shows the graphical representation of these elements and the key mutual relationships.

The graphical representation of ArchiMate's strategy elements

A second figure shows the possible relationships among value stream, resource and capabilities. This pattern is applied in the SECI pattern.

Relationships between value stream, resource and capability.

The relationship of these model elements with those of motivation and Implementation and Migration Extension is illustrated in the pattern Driver goal gap pattern (Check & Plan) and in the figures explaining the Physical Elements and the implementation and migration elements.

The figure explaining the physical elements also includes model elements from the Motivation Extension, the Technology Layer and the Business Layer and how they influence the strategy formulation (Stakeholder, Driver and Outcome).

The figure explaining the implementation and migration elements explains how plateaus and work packages support realizing courses of action, value streams and capabilities.

The motivation extension model elements are particularly relevant for the (intended) mission outcomes of stakeholders at the levels of scope: segment, agency, sector, federal, national and international.

Source (for the definitions of the elements and their relationships): Archimate®3, Chapter 7 Strategy elements.