In strategy execution, the focus is on translating and progressively aligning overall hypotheses and data to local hypotheses and data that articulate realities and objectives for the individual level operations in work systems.

Such alignment is facilitated by stakeholders adhering to the Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) principle when producing and sharing content for the descriptions of situations and work systems at local to global international levels of scope.

In accordance with the #digicoop - Declaration of Digital Interdependence:

However, as the MECE principle is hardly considered in the production of content (in most languages and information systems) the MECE violations represent an important gap (at the international level of scope impacting the lifes of many people globally (Pico journey)).

The Principle/goal to plan pattern (Plan) and Driver goal gap pattern (Check & Plan) patterns indicate how society could (plan) coping with such a gap.

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