The Portfolio Analysis report provides information on the portfolio's composition, its current state, together with a view on the vital portfolio dimensions and their performance. The portfolio's risks are discussed, and recommendations are proposed to improve the portfolio's performance.
The Portfolio Analysis Report is an essential working document that helps the Portfolio Steering Committee (PfSC) and Directing Group (PfDG) to make informed decisions regarding the optimisation of the portfolio.


  • Indicate which new candidate projects will be added to the portfolio and which running projects have reached the closing phase. Consider recommending projects for early termination if they continuously perform poorly;
  • Indicate the progress made in the running projects and relate it to the business benefits perspective. This information should be based on the project status reports;
  • Analyse the global portfolio performance (progress versus budget consumption). Perform root-cause analysis to determine the cause of any deviation to plan. Recommend corrective or preventive actions to optimise the portfolio or to get it back on track.


  • Context of the portfolio
  • Current portfolio: work completed, work in progress, work to be initiated
  • Portfolio Analysis;
    • Components progress summary
    • Portfolio budget performance
    • Portfolio risk assessment
    • Recommendations
    • Decisions to be taken
  • Portfolio Dashboard (could also be updated and published as a separate artefact)

Source: European Commission, Council of the European Union, Directorate-General for Informatics, General Secretariat of the Council, PM² portfolio management guide : v1.5, Publications Office, 2022,