A Macro journey (map) maps the configuring of some capabilities and resources by a macro actor, this is a social actor operating at the macro level in a social architecture.

Check #crg4VSR - Common reporting guidelines for Voluntary Stakeholder Reports for guidelines for the reporting about a macro journey's contribution to the sustainable development goals.

Check customer journey maps and hashtag #MacroJourneys (Twitter) for approaches and challenges in the mapping and (digital) transformation of macro journeys.

Below figure uses the Archimate model elements Course of Action, Capability, Resource, Outcome, Goal to explain how Hashtags - systematically defined and #xy2wiki, applied in the communications of Macro Journeys may accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable development goals (#SDGs). Note that Follow Up and Review is a capability that is needed at many Level of scope and that meso journeys, micro journeys, and pico journeys must all contribute to "macro scale" Follow Up and Review, especially also at the national level of scope.

#tagcoding, #xy2wiki and single window environments as key capabilities for the #SDGs.

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#tagcoding tags for goods, services and bads