Overcoming online information overload

Using systematically defined #tags and wikis on the available social media platforms will yield significant benefits in fighting online information overload as it allows users to indicate online that a post, article or message has been catagorized in one or more "topic dimensions".

Topic dimensions

For these topic dimensions, the Actor Atlas defines hashtags that cover it for 360°.
topic dimension hashtag type
major languages Languages: codes and countries
products and services #CPC hashtags
(sustainable development) goals and targets such as reducing poverty #SDGs hashtags
economic activities such as transportation and construction #isicWW hashtags
functions of government such as in education and environmental protection #cofogWW hashtags
local territories: a country, state, city Country hashtags and #WWlgu tags
codes for reporting about the destination of aid contributions DAC 5 and CRS Codes (OECD DAC)

Action and initiative dimensions

Benefits of using systematically defined hashtags

Search for a #tag brings the content together, as in a tiny globally shared public drawer, a micro-commons, supporting the public discourse about the specific topic.

This micro-commons is open 24/7 to anyone (with access to the internet). All can use the #tag, either for looking up for a topic how the "status including brainstorm" has evolved, or for contributing genuine new content.

Moreover, the #tag timeline will expose "repeated" content and thus counter the familiar "repeater" attitude that currently pollutes media and debates. Liking, plussing, or reposting are encouraged of course. While public meetings and initiatives will continue to matter, absent parties will not be "left out" - simply looking up tagged content brings them up-to-date.

A citizen who likes to verify - transparency -, engage in, or contribute to an exchange of ideas, should find in seconds the #tag corresponding to a topic.


To find out which hashtag to use for your content, check out the tools listed at #tag guidelines (atria.us).

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#tagcoding tags for goods, services and bads