Following a #pdf2wiki effort #cpc #tagcoding hashtags were defined for each Product / Service section, division, group, class and sub-class of the Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1.

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0 - Agriculture, forestry and fishery products
1 - Ores and minerals; electricity, gas and water
2 - Food products, beverages and tobacco; textiles, apparel and leather products
3 - Other transportable goods, except metal products, machinery and equipment
4 - Metal products, machinery and equipment
5 - Constructions and construction services
6 - Distributive trade services; accommodation, food and beverage serving services; transport services; and electricity, gas and water distribution services
7 - Financial and related services; real estate services; and rental and leasing services
8 - Business and production services
9 - Community, social and personal services

There are hashtags at five levels, for product sections, divisions, groups, classes and subclasses.

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#tagcoding tags for goods, services and bads