The Governance Reference Model (GRM) is one of the Reference Models of the IndEA Framework (#IndEAGRM) which is not included in the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework.

The objective of GRM is to manage and maintain architecture requirements and artefacts. It comprises of enterprise structure, processes and standards to ensure that the architecture is consistent with the business vision and objectives of the enterprise. Effective and efficient EA Governance ensures that priorities are based on broad consensus across the enterprise. EA is a continuous activity and governance is an integral part for its successful implementation and maintenance.

IndEA framework recommends a 3-tier governance structure, namely, at the political, executive and technology levels.

The framework further recommends the establishing of 2 entities with distinct roles and responsibilities namely, Architecture Governance Board and IT Governance Board. Blurring or overlap of these two roles is likely to create conflicts and delays.

EA Program has to be governed keeping in view the triple constraints, namely, Scope, Time and Cost, which represent the 3 sides of a Project (Program) Management triangle. One side can’t be changed without affecting the other. A brief treatment of the implications of Scope, Time and Cost has been given as a part of GRM.

Needless to say, an effective EA Governance system is critical to the success of IndEA.

Source: The IndEA document at the India Enterprise Architecture (IndEA) website.