A Facility represents a physical structure or environment.

There is an illustration of the model element in the Work system pattern (Do) and Driver goal gap pattern (Check & Plan).

A Facility is a specialization of a Node. It represents a physical resource that has the capability of facilitating (e.g., housing or locating) the use of equipment. It is typically used to model factories, buildings, or outdoor constructions that have an important role in production or distribution processes.

Facilities can be interconnected by Distribution Networks. Material can be accessed (e.g., created, used, stored, moved, or transformed) by Equipment. A Facility can serve other Facilities, and also Business Roles and Actors. Locations can be assigned to Facilities. A Facility can be composed of other Facilities and can be aggregated in a Location.

The name of a Facility should preferably be a noun referring to the type of Facility.

Category: Physical Elements. Active Structure.

Examples: Oil refinery, Factory, Laboratory, Warehouse, Shopping Mall, Office.

Source: Archi - The Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool - Hint for the model element.