An event is a model element that denotes a state change.

Functions and other behavior elements may be triggered or interrupted by an Event. Also, Functions may raise events that trigger other behavior (in a Layer). An event is instantaneous: it does not have duration. Events may originate from the environment of the Active structure aspect, but also internal events may occur generated by, for example, other active elements within the "outer" element.

Category: Behaviour aspect

Examples: message received, see the event per layer.

Source: Generalization of Business Event, Application Event and Technology Event as defined in the ArchiMate Framework.

Where an Enterprise Architecture is used in the planning and scoping of work packages at multiple levels of scope, it pays to widen the use of the business event and speak of events and event complexes. This page about collaborative diagnostics introduces a number of event complexes such as virtuous and vicious cycles, and linear, reinforcing and diminishing event chains.