Machine Translation Component is an architectural building block of the EIRA Technical view - infrastructure supporting the Technical interoperability layer of the European Interoperability Framework.
It is included in the Enabler grouping Infrastructure Translation Enablers.

Machine Translation Component is a specialisation of Application Component. It implements the functionality of serving any current or future Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) requiring cross-lingual functionality. The main functionality is automated translation of text, metadata and concept classes or nomenclatures.

The Machine Translation Component ABB  is salient for technical interoperability because it enables cross-lingual functionality by providing automated translation of text, metadata and concept classes or nomenclatures as stated in the EIF recommendation #eif16 - Use systems and architectures that cater for multilingualism: "Use information systems and technical architectures that cater for multilingualism when establishing a European public service. Decide on the level of multilingualism support based on the needs of the expected users."


The following implementations are an example on how this specific Architecture Building Block (ABB) can be instantiated as a Solution Building Block (SBB).

CEF Digital - eTranslation building block

eTranslation is a Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) building block provided by the European Commission (EC). eTranslation provides an online machine translation service and a web-user interface for direct use by individuals (human-to-machine).

eTranslation Available to European SMEs: eTranslation is available to European small & medium-sized enterprises. SMEs can translate any document or plain text in an easy, free and secure way in more than 24 languages.

The latest release of the EIRA© is available on Joinup.

Source: European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA version 3) (url) (with information on the 3rd release at the website of the ISA² - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens).