An e-Archiving Component is an architectural building block of the EIRA Technical view - infrastructure supporting the Technical interoperability layer of the European Interoperability Framework.
It is included in the Enabler grouping Infrastructure Data Source Enablers.

e-Archiving Component is a specialisation of Application Component that provides e-Archiving Service. It shares the functionality of enabling the permanent or long-term storage of selected (by an authority) electronic documents or information for preservation purposes like their enduring research value and memory aid.

The e-Archiving Component ABB  is salient for technical interoperability because it provides the implementation of the functionalities for the long-term or permanent preservation of records and information in electronic form in order to ensure their temporal egibility, reliability and integrity as stated in the EIF: "Legislation requires that decisions and data are stored and can be accessed for a specified time. This means that records and information in electronic form held by public administrations for the purpose of documenting procedures and decisions must be preserved and be converted, where necessary, to new media when old media become obsolete. The goal is to ensure that records and other forms of information keep their legibility, reliability and integrity and can be accessed as long as needed subject to security and privacy provisions."


The following implementation is an example on how this specific Architecture Building Block (ABB) can be instantiated as a Solution Building Block (SBB):

CEF eArchiving
CEF eArchiving provides the core specifications, software, training and knowledge to tackle the challenge of short, medium and long-term data management and reuse in a sustainable, authentic, cost-efficient, manageable and interoperable way.

The latest release of the EIRA© is available on Joinup.

Source: European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA version 3) (url) (with information on the 3rd release at the website of the ISA² - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens).