These are the underlying principles and related recommendations of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF):

Underlying principle Related recommendation(s)
#eif1p - Subsidiarity and proportionality #eif01 - Ensure alignment of interoperability frameworks and strategies
#eif2p - Openness #eif02 - Publish the data you own as open data unless restrictions apply
#eif03 - Demonstrate active and fair consideration of using open source software
#eif04 - Give preference to open specifications
#eif3p - Transparency #eif05 - Ensure internal visibility and provide external interfaces for public services
#eif4p - Reusability #eif06 - Reuse and share, cooperate in the development of solutions when implementing public services
#eif07 - Reuse and share information and data unless privacy or confidentiality restrictions apply
#eif5p - Technological neutrality and data portability #eif08 - Do not impose any technological solutions that are technology-specific or disproportionate to their needs
#eif09 - Ensure data portability: data is easily transferable between systems and applications
#eif6p - User-centricity #eif10 - Use multiple channels to provide the public service
#eif11 - Provide a single point of contact
#eif12 - Put in place mechanisms to involve users
#eif13 - Ask users of public services once-only and relevant-only information
#eif7p - Inclusion and accessibility #eif14 - Ensure public services are accessible to all citizens
#eif8p - Security and privacy #eif15 - Ensure secure and trustworthy data exchange
#eif9p - Multilingualism #eif16 - Use systems and architectures that cater for multilingualism
#eif10p - Administrative simplification #eif17 - Simplify processes and use digital channels
#eif11p - Preservation of information #eif18 - A long-term preservation policy for information
#eif12p - Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency #eif19 - Evaluate the effectiveness & efficiency of interoperability options considering user needs, costs&benefits

Source: European Interoperability Framework - Promoting seamless services and data flows for European public administrations, COM(2017)134, 23 March 2017, url (Available in the languages of the EU Member States)

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