This refers to the way in which public administrations align their business processes, responsibilities and expectations to achieve commonly agreed and mutually beneficial goals. In practice, organisational interoperability means documenting and integrating or aligning business processes and relevant information exchanged. Organisational interoperability also aims to meet the requirements of the user community by making services available, easily identifiable, accessible and user-focused.

Business process alignment

In order for different administrative entities to be able to work together efficiently and effectively to provide European public services, they may need to align their existing business processes or define and establish new ones.

Aligning business processes implies documenting them in an agreed way and with commonly accepted modelling techniques, including the associated information exchanged, so that all public administrations contributing to the delivery of European public services can understand the overall (end-to-end) business process and their role in it.

Organisational relationships

Service orientation, upon which the conceptual model for public services is conceived, means that the relationship between service providers and service consumers must be clearly defined.

This involves finding instruments to formalise mutual assistance, joint action and interconnected business processes as part of service provision e.g. MoUs and SLAs between participating public administrations.

For cross-border actions, these should preferably be multilateral or global European agreements.

These are recommendations regarding organisational interoperability:

Source: European Interoperability Framework - Promoting seamless services and data flows for European public administrations, COM(2017)134, 23 March 2017, url (Available in the languages of the EU Member States)

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