For the Civic Participation skills, the seven levels of professional skill recognised in the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) offer a suitable structure, with levels ranging from 1-Follow at basic entry to 7-Set strategy, inspire, mobilise at a very senior level. The tags summarise the essence of the level.

For each level a full generic definition is provided under the headings autonomy, influence, complexity, and social skills.

For each heading under each level the SFIA definition has served as a starting point.

These considerations have determined additions and modifications to the SFIA definitions:

  1. the need to reflect the social context in which the person acts or participates in journeys; a social architecture divides contexts and journeys at these levels:
    • journey-pico: age, gender, resource endowment, education, health, kinship and family-relationships, employment and livelihood as typical contextual determinants;
    • journey-micro: organisations of different kinds, such as companies, schools, medical centers, associations and public agencies provide contexts of work (and life);
    • journey-meso: the actors at the meso-level include industry associations, (sector) labour unions, standards organisations, science and engineering academies, and specialized public sector agencies at national and international level;
    • journey-macro: the actors at the macro-level include local and national governments and international agencies that have been created in international conventions and agreements.
  2. the need to reflect the three activity realms in which digital content technologies radically affect civic participation skills:
  3. the desire to explain for every person, for the competence goals he or she has, how to engage in collective regulative bundles utilising the components.

The proposed text for civic participation skills is open to further comments. Kindly provide such comments, either here or at the skills pages.

The competence goals for this competence area are divided into three competence levels:
(list to be completed - on the basis of