A Capability represents an ability that an active structure element, such as an organization, person, or system, possesses.

There is an illustration of the model element in the Work system pattern (Do).

A Capability focuses on business outcomes. It provides a high-level view of the current and desired abilities of an organization, in relation to its strategy and its environment. They are realized by various elements (people, processes, systems). Capabilities may also have serving relationships; for example, to denote that one capability contributes to another.

Capabilities are expressed in general and high-level terms and are typically realized by a combination of organization, people, processes, information, and technology.

Capabilities are typically aimed at achieving some goal or delivering value by realizing an outcome. Capabilities are themselves realized by core elements. To denote that a set of core elements together realizes a capability, Grouping can be used.

Category: Strategy elements and Behaviour aspect.

Examples: Digital Customer Management, Data Analysis, Product Management, Productise Open Source Software, national follow up and review.

Source: Archimate®3, Chapter 7 Strategy elements.

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