A business event is defined as something that happens (internally or externally) and influences behaviour (business process, business function, business interaction).

Business processes and other business behaviour may be triggered or interrupted by a business event.

Also, business processes may raise events that trigger other business processes, functions, or interactions. A business event is most commonly used to model something that triggers behaviour.

Unlike business processes, functions, and interactions, a business event is instantaneous: it does not have duration.

Events may originate from the environment of the organization (e.g., from a customer), but also internal events may occur generated by, for example, other processes within the organization.

A business event may trigger or be triggered (raised) by a business process, business function, or business interaction.

A business event may access a business object and may be composed of other business events.

The name of a business event should preferably be a verb in the perfect tense; e.g., "claim received".

Category: Business Layer and Behaviour aspect

Examples: Request for Insurance, Claim Received, Application Form Received, Send Product Portfolio.

Typical Relationships:

  • Access - business object
  • Triggering - business process, business function, business interaction

Source: Archi - The Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool - Hint for the model element.