The Application Reference Model (ARM) is one of the Reference Models of the IndEA Framework (#IndEA) (#IndEAARM) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (#FEAF) (#FEAFARM).

The Application Reference Model provides the foundation to automate Services, identified as a part of the Business Reference Model (BRM). It enables government (or any other social actor) to achieve its objective through collaboration and data-sharing between & within departments thereby providing effective business services to its stakeholders.

ARM provides a framework for grouping similar applications to maximize re-use. To this end, a concentric set of layers represent the ARM Meta-model within IndEA. The inner-most layer of ARM is the Core Platform, which provides the most generic services in a domain-agnostic, application-agnostic and technology-agnostic manner. The three layers around the IndEA Core relate to Common Applications, Group Applications and Domain-specific Applications.


ARM also captures guidelines and recommendations on Application Architecture Standards, use of Open APIs, Microservices Architecture and Open Source Software. It also specifies the Secure Coding Standards for Application Development.

Source: The IndEA document at the India Enterprise Architecture (IndEA) website.