The affordance-centric partnership principle

The affordance-centric partnership principle moves us from the Information centric principle to an approach in digital cooperation that takes into consideration affordances and how they are shaped by capabilities and socio-technical niches that include native language and the intentions (goals) and activities of people.

By adhering to this principle we can achieve both improved benefits of digital cooperation, civic participation (for all levels: 1 - Follow, 2 - Assist, 3 - Apply, 4 - Enable, 5 - Ensure/advise, 6 - Initiate/influence and 7 - Set strategy/inspire/mobilise), and improved livelihoods for all, including the creators of works in native languages (see #DA2I4 - Externalization as a focal conversion in Local Content Acceleration).

How the principle guides the Wikinetix activities and advocacy regarding wiki networks is explained, a.o. at:

Acknowledgement: The articulation of this principle was helped by Ronald Stamper's comments on an Discussion on Languages with number of native speakers which used Language (pdf/print friendly) as input.